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Human Anatomy Coloring Book: an Entertaining and Instructive Guide to the Human Body – Bones, Muscles, Blood, Nerves and How They Work (Coloring Books) (Dover Children’s Science Books) Paperback – Illustrated, February 1, 1982

Coloring Complexity: The Human Body

Gain an intimate knowledge of the location, appearance and role of parts of the human body. Scientifically accurate renderings of the body’s organs and major systems are labelled and numbered to correspond with suggestions for coloring. These suggestions are specially designed to emphasize the structural relationship in the body.

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I have a confession to make. I am 61 years old but I still read children’s books. Don’t judge.

I have found over the years that if I want to learn something but am a beginner, the best place to start is a high quality children’s book. All the information is correct, but simplified so that it is easily accessible. My friends think I am “well informed” and “well read”, but they don’t know that heavy tomes full of dry data are pretty much over my head. Children’s books contain interesting stuff that is useful and presented in an engaging way and when I use books that are intended for kids, I usually come away with more useful knowledge that if I tried to tackle hoity-toity, intellectual reading material that isn’t really all that interesting.

That is why I purchased the HUMAN ANATOMY COLORING BOOK. Let’s face it. Regular, adult level anatomy books have enough crammed in that they make my head spin and I find I don’t know how to process it all. After all, I am not studying to be a doctor, but my doctor recommends that his patients get this simple coloring book to help them better able to take charge of their own health! I only need a basic but accurate knowledge of how my body works, and where all my “parts” are! When I have this simple understanding of my body, I can talk to my doctor in a clear way, and I can also better understand what he or she is telling me. I am better able to practice simple, at-home massage techniques, I am able to use an OTC laser, and in general have an overall enhanced respect for the way I am created. It is great to know enough to have good understanding for elementary nutritional, medical and physical fitness, and this can be had by getting the basics in a fun and easy manner. And if I need more advanced knowledge, this is a great place to start and will allow me to move on to more complicated adult level books with enough foundation to grasp things that are too hard for a beginner.

It is also great for kids and they find it fascinating to learn about how they are put together. If you can also get an inexpensive stethoscope, you can enjoy some fun exploration with your kids or grandkids. Did you know that children who grow up with a basic knowledge and respect of their bodies are less likely to smoke, drink and abuse drugs? They are also less prone to obesity and more active and physically fit. And all this can be had in the most fun and engaging way!

HUMAN ANATOMY COLORING BOOK is useful for children to adults, age 8 or 9 years old and up. It is too advanced for most preschool – 3rd graders. For younger children, I recommend “Little Explorers: My Amazing Body”, which can be purchased here:

For the price, I couldn’t ask for better!


This coloring book has many different bodily systems that it looks at, making it a great study tool for those who are going into nursing or those who are taking an Anatomy and Physiology class. Either way, it includes plenty of great study material for anybody in either course.
While it does have a lot of useful information, it doesn’t overdo the amount of information you look at so that you’re not overwhelmed.
This coloring book does require at least a 24 count coloring pencil pack, as there are some instances where it may want you to have the color light blue and so on. Yes, the colors are pre-labeled for you to fill in, which can help in comparing your work with someone else’s. Just be prepared for a better-than-average coloring book.
I bought this coloring book to supplement my learning in my Anatomy and Physiology class at college after my professor recommended buying one. This one was the cheapest and seemed the most promising, so I bought two so that she could have one. This coloring book is just that good for studying that she recommended to the entire class to buy this specific coloring book and is considering to make it required course material for upcoming semesters. She took it to the board of the department even and it received high praise from it. If that doesn’t make you think about how great it can be for a department board to praise it, I don’t know what could tell you it’s great.

I will upload pictures once I color in some pages fully.

Overall, one of the best buys for the price I could ask for. This coloring book is informational but not overwhelming and has received high praise from college-level professors. I recommend this coloring book to anyone in nursing, anatomy and physiology, or even just curious about anatomy and physiology.